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Use our free online character count, which can count characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in real time. Just copy your text and paste it in the below box, and get results within second!

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Character Count Online

Welcome to our online Character Count! 😎

A free and easy-to-use tool that can help you check how many words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs you have written. Not only that, this free tool also provides options to review how much reading or speech time your content can take.

As compared to other premium word counters, our tool provides no sign-up usage, and you don’t have to register as a free user in order to use it. You can simply copy and paste the text in the input box, and the tool will provide you with every counting result.

With a user-friendly interface, anyone can easily navigate the website and check how many word in their written content.

How to Use Our Online Character Counter?

If we talk about how you can use this tool, then it is very simple and easy. However, here are some steps to elaborate how you can use our Word Counter:

  • On the homepage of this tool, you will see a large input box with multiple different options.

  • Simply go to your text file and copy the text you want to check.

  • Then, paste it into the input box, and you are done.

  • You don’t have to click on any specific button, as the tool will provide you with instant results.

This is how you can use our free Character Counter.

Why Use Our Character Counter?

You might be wondering what makes our tool special to use. So, here are some benefits that you may not find in any other character counter.

  • Free availability: As you know, the majority of users always look for those tools that are available for free. So, our Word Counter is one of them that doesn’t require any premium subscription. You can count unlimited words in our tool free of cost.

  • No Sign-Up: This is a very useful benefit for those who are worried about data stealing or don’t want to register as a user to use the tool. Our letter Count provides registration-free usage, where you don’t have to complete any sign-up procedure.

  • Keywords Counting: For SEO persons, this feature is very useful as it can help them check whether a specific word is used in excessive amounts or not. So, in this online tool, you can check how many times a certain keyword is used in the content. If it is exceeding, then you will be able to eliminate it and maintain the numbering.

  • Dark Mode: You can also change the interface to dark mode in this character counter if you don’t like to work in a light theme. Besides, those who have some eye problems can use this feature and turn on the dark mode. To enable dark mode, click on the button shown in the upper right corner of the website.

  • Unique Words: One feature of this tool that is very useful is that it also displays the number of words that are unique. It is very important when you are writing content for a specific audience, and Google also appreciates text that is unique and engaging. So, you can use this feature to check the number of unique words you have used in your content.

Key Features

Here are some key features that you can get in this tool:

Freely accessible🆓

No software installation needed 🚫

It can be accessed on any device 📱

Can check word limit in any language text

Real-time counting results 🤩

Who Needs Our Word Counter?

Here are some people who can use the Character count tool and how they can avoid breaching word limits:

  • Students👨🎓: For academic writing, students can use this tool to write assignments in a specific word limit (their teacher assigned them). Our online Character Counter can help them maintain a word limit in their writing so that teacher might not deduct their marks in case the limit surpasses.

  • Bloggers & SEO Experts📝: As an SEO expert, you sometimes need to do link insertion within a specific word limit. So, this is where our Character Counter can assist you in writing within a certain limit. Besides they can also use this tool when a webmaster wants a blog with a specific word count.

  • Teachers🧑🏫: When teachers have to check exam papers of the students online, and want to review whether the student has followed the word limit guidelines, our Word Counter can help them. It can assist them in counting the number of characters, sentences, and alphabets used in the written text.

You can also count characters, paragraphs, sentences, and words in different languages. Like EnglishPortuguêsDeutsch日本人, Polskie, Italiano, Türk, 한국인, العربية, Dutch, ไทย. Just copy and paste and calculate in seconds.